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How To Enter

How To Enter

Outdoor Advertising Awards (OAA) 2017 contest!


Register your company as an Outdoor Advertising Awards entrant. You will receive an email to the email ID used to register on Signup

You may Logout and and re-login at any point later on to upload entries or or you may continue to add projects thru the Add Project Option.

Click on the "Add Project" button on the left side of the page after you sing up or Sign in. Alternatively, you may directly logon to the entry submission page.

Once there, your OAA 2017 entries can be entered, viewed, reviewed and managed. Each company can have only ONE account, which can be accessed with the login details by different individuals of the company across branch offices using the same login and password.

The registration of a company is a one-time process. The account is then active. The account will have a list of all categories of Outdoor Adverting Awards 2017, under which the entries are to be submitted. Also, mentioned under the categories, the parameters shall be specified for you to provide information.

Submitting entries for the judging process

Step1. Register the entry

Select the category under which the entry is to be submitted and enter all details as per the criteria listed in the form.

Step2. Submit Entry document

Once the entry has been registered under a particular category, fill in entry details, for example:

  • Creatives Strategy used
  • Creatives used
  • Locations
  • Formats
  • No. of units used for the campaign
  • Duration
  • Innovations
  • Activation / on ground activities
  • Video

*Please note – Documentations required will vary from category to category. Please make sure that you read the directions and notifications carefully.

 - Where applicable upload images supporting to the entry (under 300 dpi resolution) and a video in MP4 format not exceeding 2 minutes (120 sec)

 - A document once created can be revised / altered. Save all changes and 'Submit' the document. However, after you “Sumbit” you shall not be able to make changes.

 - The entry document must be submitted before the stated deadline for submission of all OAA 2017 entries. Once submitted, the entry cannot be withdrawn or amended.

 - Make the payment for the entries along with registration of entries.

Please note: An entrant can log in and save changes as many times as he/she wishes to, so make sure that you have made all the necessary changes before hitting the 'Submit' button.

Step3.Making Payment

 - The entry fees for your OAA 2017 entries is as per what has been mentioned for the respective categories in the categories list. The Amount however shall be automatically calculated on the No. of entries received.

 - The payment must be done online for each entry in case submitted separately or collectively if submitted in a group.

 - Until the payment has been received at the Thoughtshows and Events account, the entry details, as filled in, will display a 'Pending Status'.

 - Upon receipt of your payment by Thoughtshows and Events, the status will be changed to 'Approved' and shall be considered as a legal entry for the Awards.

Important:Complete the registration, fill in details of your entries and submit the Entry Documents before the deadline.


For any clarifications, please call ++91 9029297125 - Deep Shah and alternatively, you may also ask for help at


Important Pointers:

Only OOH campaigns that were launched in the period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 will be eligible for OAA 2017 contest.

Client Authorisation: A Word Document or a PDF Document of the authorisation from the client in the prescribed format should be uploaded along the projects entered. The payment shall be accepted only after confirming that you have taken approval from the concerned person of the Brand. You may upload one approval for multiple projects mentioning the Projects that has been approved.

Late date for submission of OAA 2017 entries: May 30, 2017


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